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If you don't like a lot of reading, simply send us a request email right now asking for full assistance.
We will answer your question,  explain about payments,  and guide you through the process. Click here to send the e-mail ( )
Or you can follow the instructions given below.

Reserve a Tour

1. Send us an e-mail including the following details:

The type of tour you prefer

  • more birding
  • more trekking
  • more culture
  • a combination
  • other interests 

The type of accommodation you prefer

  • more hotels
  • more lodges
  • more camping
  • home staying
  • a combination
  • other options

The dates 

Your budget

Click here to send the e-mail ( )

Note:  You can go through our itineraries and get a good idea of the types of tours we do.

We user a mixture of accommodation types in our tours.

Home-staying, camping or eco-lodges involve more local people. We believe in supporting locals would lead to protecting natural habitats.

In every tour plan, especially in birding tours, we include some reputed hotels depending on the location, activities and the level of comfort demanded by you. For example, it is desirable to be in a close by hotel for early morning birding.

If you have a special request for a specific hotel, lodge or camping location, or if you are looking for some special facilities, we always try our best to incorporate them in the tour.

2.   After we receive your e-mail, we will reply a suggested a tour plan. This will include where to go, what to do and see, accommodation, pricing, etc.

3.   Then we will discuss and do changes to it if necessary and come up with a final tour plan.

4.   As soon as we agree on the final tour plan (which includes the schedule, dates, price, terms & conditions) you have to place the booking, confirming by email.

5.  After the booking is placed, send us a down payment, which is 30% of the total tour price. ( Click here for Payment Methods ). This has to be done within one week of the date of submitting the booking form. 

If the reservation is made within 30 days of the tour starting date, the full payment must be paid. 

Note: It is highly appreciated if you can book the tour before 50 days of tour starting date. Especially in the peak season (October to April), high quality accommodation is often booked well in advance.

6.   Once we receive your down payment, we will book your accommodation and send you your confirmation and travel guidelines. This will normally take a week from the date we receive the down payment.

You have to pay the full payment at least before 30 days of the tour starting date. ( Click here for Payment Methods ).

•  In all possible occasions, Prasanjith will meet you at the airport to commence the tour.

For further details please contact

Terms & Conditions

Contract Validity

Our tour contract plan is valid only after "Walk With Jith" has received the completed booking form and the appropriate reservation deposit. If the reservation is made within 30 days of the tour starting date, the full payment must be paid.

Down payment for reservation

The deposit for a tour is 30% from the final tour price. This deposit is nonrefundable and is deducted from the final payment.

Balance payment

The balance payment is due 30 days before your tour date. The final tour price quoted is based on the agreed schedule. Changes to the schedule may incur additional costs.

Payment method

Click here for Payment Methods

Tour Cancellation and refund

We treat all cancellations sympathetically. However, due to the nature of these tours, we reserve the right to apply the following maximum charges if the tour is canceled by the participants for any reason:

   •  25% of the reservation deposit will be charged if cancellation is done more than 30 days before the tour starting date and 75% of the reservation deposit will be refunded

   •  40% of the total price will be charged if cancellation is done less than 31 days before the tour starting date and 60% of the total price will be refunded

Tour postpone or modification

Postponing of tours due to reasons beyond the participants' control is always acceptable. If postponed we can discuss and make changes to the tour plan.

In case of postponing a tour, we, "Walk With Jith" reserves the right to modify or substitute the tour itineraries or arrangements that may be due to circumstances beyond our control.

Travel Insurance

Tour participants will have to provide their own travel insurance. We recommend a comprehensive insurance cover. You understand and accept that your proposed tour may expose you to inherent dangers and you may be traveling through remote areas, which can be subject to, among other things, unfavorable political, physical, health or climatic conditions.

For further details please contact

Payment Methods

Note: Sampath Bank in Sri Lanka, is a reputed bank in Sri Lanka. (We do not use PayPal, Online payment, credit card payment.)

Telex / Swift Transfer

Payable to:     Walk With Jith (Pvt) Limited

Account No:     0033 1000 1634

Bank Name:     Sampath Bank

Country of the bank:     Sri Lanka

Swift code:     BSAMLKLX